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About Us

Essence Club is the creation of Rebekah Abbi and Justin Essence, after years in the Event / Party industry, they created Essence Club Events Brand, which has been creating amazing parties since May 4th 2014.


Essence Club currently produces its own annual bespoke spring / summer event and annual Halloween Party


Essence Club is also a complete pop up solution and brand which is available for private hire or as an addition to other public events like festivals and club events.


It can be formed in various bespoke shapes and sizes offering a one stop solution with many different themes available.


Essence Club stands out by its selection of music, its dj’s and how it is all weaved together to create an uplifting musical journey.


It’s not just about the music though, Essence Club has been designed to invigorate all the senses creating out of this world venues to party in.


We use the highest quality sound, light, decor, props, designers, structures, refreshments and we intend to keep on improving.

Our ethos is “Party in Style” in our “Ultra plush venues” without any V.I.P ego lounge!


Our motto is “E.I.P” (Equally Important People) who all deserve the same luxury, comforts, experience and good times in a loving / sharing space.



Essence Club Ethos we produce -

Pop up Ultra Plush Venues

Love for uplifting House Music

Creating Amazing Venues

Party in Style

Invigorating the Senses

Recreating the Good Times

Love Fun and Unity mixed with Sound and Light

Music Policy

The events are always a journey carefully putting together disco house, funky uplifting house and club classics.


The music starts very upbeat / exciting and progresses into higher energy electronic dance music, taking you into altered hypnotic states of bliss.


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