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Rebekah Abbi –

Rebekah Abbi’s passion is the fine detail, organisation and making sure everything is fabricated together in a way that is second to none.


Rebekah has been managing events for 20 years and she looks at what other events lack and makes sure a shining example is set to the contrary.


She takes exceptional care in making sure every little detail is just perfect and that the end user has an easy as possible experience from the initial interest in the event right through to getting in the door / getting drinks etc easily and effortlessly.


Rebekah has been in the House scene since she was a teenager she has grown up with House Music she loves dressing up and all the makeup that goes towards the finer detail.

Justin Essence

Justin is passionate about creating amazing venue spaces and in particular has an eye for the bigger all-encompassing picture.


Justin has explored the clubbing / venue and Events world and his goal is to create the most amazing spaces and experiences for those seeking an exciting night to thrill all their senses.

He is also involved in music production and produced his own music under the label Hypnotic House and is an accomplished and experienced DJ.


His goal is to ensure that all nights are a musical journey rather than the “no thought” approach most events take.



Robyn Styles

Robyn has a Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Makeup as well as BETEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in photography; she is the baby of the Essence Club team.


Robyn is responsible for the innovative make up design.


Robyn has a high level of creativity and huge attention to the detail she is a YouTube junkie finding an improving the perfect makeup to go with all our themes.


Robyn is responsible for the pre and post admin including social media management at events and she also meets and greets clients, manages and runs all staff at event under Rebekah, ensuring everyone has a seamless experience. Her creativity extends to working alongside Rebekah and Justin creating the detail in the venue interiors.


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